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Planning your group mission trip.

Above all pray and seek the Lords guidance so that He is served! Ask everyone involved with your plans to be praying. Ask your travel agent to pray for your group. Ideally each group member will have a prayer partner to pray for team members before, during and after the trip

1. What do the missionaries that you want to visit need? What will help them the most?

2. Consider when your group can travel. Ask you missionary or ministry if those dates would conflict with their plans.

3. Total the cost of the entire trip. Include the airfare and the living cost while you are there. If you are considering several dates - ask your travel agent how to schedule your trip to save money. Your missionary will be able to help you figure out the costs while you are there. Ask you travel agent to help with any land arrangements that you will need. Your missionary will have ideas as to housing for your group. Ask how early scheduling needs to be finalized? Don't forget document costs, including passports and visas.

4. Who will lead your mission trip? The leader should be selected based on their travel experience, spiritual goals and maturity plus consider the foreign language skills of group members.

 5. Large groups may want the potential members to fill out an application. This will alert you to the special needs of the group.

 6. Who do you want to participate? If specials skills would be welcome by your missionary, consider allowing persons outside your church or ministry to join you.

7.Announce the dates and purpose of the trip.

8. Set a date to discuss the trip with interested persons.

9. Six months in advance start making sure everyone has or is getting their passports. Make two copies of everyone's passports. Leave one with the church office and one with the team leader. Three months before you go plan to obtain needed visas. Check with the travel immunization group at your local hospital or medical center about shots and medicines for travelers to the specific location. These often need to be completed several days or even months before your trip.

10. Decide on the schedule with your missionary. You need to include some time for sightseeing. This keeps everyone's spirits up. If your missionary is providing many of the meals ask them to suggest places for your group to dine out several times. Cooking for a large group is great and many missionaries are delighted to do so, but everyone needs a break.

11. Consult with your missionary as to the teaching, preaching, devotional and worship opportunities that will be available.

12. Ask your missionary about customs and declaration forms if you are bringing tools or requested supplies. Be prepared to supply the missionary's address on the forms where required.

13. Do you want to advertise for sponsors for your participants?

14. Provide a reservation form including the following: Deposit and payment dates - cancellation policy Passport number Name, address, phone number Medication, emergency contacts, and insurance information.

15. How will you get your group to and from the airport?

16. How will your missionary or other land arrangements be paid for room and board and project expenses. The leader should have the money collected to facilitate this.

 17. Provide itinerary and missionary contact information to group members and their families.

18. Label everyone's luggage with flags, tape, etc. so it is easy to recognize.

19. Ask your travel agent about requirements for confirming your trip before you go. Your missionary can help you confirm your return flights.

20. Provide opportunities for the group members to share their travel and spiritual experience's